NH Species of Interest

Species included within the NH Wildlife Sightings website are listed by taxonomy below. Please click on a species to view additional information.

Note that not all wildlife species are included at this time. Additional species may be added in the future.
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Common Name Scientific Name
American ToadAnaxyrus (formerly Bufo) americanus
Blue-spotted SalamanderAmbystoma laterale
Blue-spotted X Jefferson salamander complexAmbystoma laterale X jeffersonianum
BullfrogLithobates (formerly Rana) catesbeiana
Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus fuscus
Eastern NewtNotophthalmus viridescens
Four-toed SalamanderHemidactylium scutatum
Fowlers ToadAnaxyrus (formerly Bufo) fowleri
Gray TreefrogHyla versicolor
Green FrogLithobates (formerly Rana) clamitans
Jefferson SalamanderAmbystoma jeffersonianum
Marbled SalamanderAmbystoma opacum
Mink FrogLithobates (formerly Rana) septentrionalis
MudpuppyNecturus maculosus
Northern Leopard FrogLithobates (formerly Rana) pipiens
Northern Spring PeeperPseudacris crucifer
Pickerel FrogLithobates (formerly Rana) palustris
Redback SalamanderPlethodon cinereus
Slimy SalamanderPlethodon glutinosus
Spotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatum
Spring SalamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus
Two-lined SalamanderEurycea bislineata
Wood FrogLithobates (formerly Rana) sylvatica