How to Enter a Vernal Pool Record

  1. The process of reporting vernal pools is the same step-by-step process used for entering your wildlife observations in "Reporting Wildlife".
  2. Choose a ‘Site’ Name that you will recognize in future. If you plan on entering multiple vernal pools for an area, you may use a Site name followed by a number (e.g., BearBrookVP1, BearBrookVP2).
  3. At ‘Habitat Information’ drop-down menu, choose "Vernal Pool".
  4. Click whether Site is on public land. If no, click on whether you are the landowner of Site. If no, fill in landowner information (optional if known).
  5. Fill out as much information as you can on Vernal Pool Page (all fields are optional)
    1. Date
    2. Vernal Pool Description
      1. Vernal Pool Type
      2. Vernal Pool Origin
      3. Pool Size
      4. Hydroperiod
      5. Water depth
      6. Pool outlet?
      7. Pool Overstory
      8. Vegetation in Pool
      9. Pool Substrate
      10. Pool Disturbance
      11. Surrounding Habitat
    3. Upload photos of vernal pool (up to 3 photos)
    4. Species Information (amphibians)
      1. Fill out info and upload photographs, if available
    5. Fill out sampling questions
      1. Percent of pool surveyed for egg masses
      2. Sampling method
      3. Spermatophores observed?
      4. Fish observed?
    6. Invertebrates Observed in Vernal Pool
      1. Check boxes for Invertebrates observed and upload photographs, if available
      2. Add additional invertebrates observed
  6. Once you confirmed the data entered, click ‘Save’
  7. Enter additional wildlife species observed at vernal pool (e.g., Blanding’s turtle).
  8. Future observations at this same Vernal Pool should use the same Site Name so that information can be compared over time.